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Biblical Authority – All the values of our church flow from the belief that the scriptures found in the Christian Bible are inerrant, inspired, and preserved. As the perfect literal Word of God, the Bible is the guide to the values of our Church.

Truth over Tradition – Throughout Church history, tradition has played a decisive role in the doctrine, worship, and direction of the Church. However, we at Hope Second Advent Christian Church believe that truth is more important than tradition. Thus we believe we are bound only to what scripture reveals, and we are not bound by Church tradition.

Worship – We value worship because that is one of the great purposes for which man was created. Our worship of God looks like a traditional southern church. We worship together every Sunday by singing hymns, praying, and giving the Lord glory by studying his scriptures.

Discipleship – Making disciples is highly valued because we want to be faithful to our Lord’s Great Commission and have others experience the blessings of a relationship with Christ. We encourage Christian growth in Christ through prayer, studying the scriptures, and leaning on other believers as we each try to become more like Christ.

Fellowship – The early Church valued their relationships within the body of Christ, and so do we. Our members are one of our greatest strengths. We genuinely enjoy spending time together, and you will often find members long after the service is over still talking and enjoying fellowship with one another.

Ministry – At Hope, we believe each member of the body of Christ has been called into ministry. We acknowledge we all have been blessed with unique talents and gifts by God, and we encourage members to use their gifts and talents for ministry within our Church, community, and everyday lives.